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What sort of reports can I get?


Standard reports   

All reports come complete with a reference for every date.  The form in which the sources are given is shown in the example of an individual career.







Identifying 'milestones'


(sources not shown)

Shipbuilding lists

Nominated appointees (e.g. Captain)

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Non-standard reports 

A significant amount of additional information is stored regarding individuals and some places, organisations and ships.  Mostly in the form of notes encountered in the primary sources, or as conflicting dates from those chosen as the ‘master' on the main listing noted above.  It is also possible to compare the entries of two nominated individuals which sometimes provides the key to unravel cryptic notes in existing biographies or of previously unrecognised patronage.  The ability to extract a note of who was serving (in a specified place, organisation or ship) on a particular date is equally useful although the result is dependant on the availability of start and end dates for each appointment.  An indication of the sort of information available is given at the example -

NB - Spelling, of names in particular, was not a prime consideration in the compilation of many sources.  You do need to be specific when seeking estimates, specifying time span you wish searched and alternative spellings you would like noted.


Report formats

Reports will normally be transmitted as e-mail attachments, in notepad format.  They should be viewed/printed in landscape.  If preferred, reports can be forwarded by mail.

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