Naval Biographical Database

Estimates & Orders for Non-Standard Reports



If you have non-standard queries, please 'continue' and use the bottom half of the estimate form.  I will then provide my best estimate of the cost involved.  The better the information you provide, the greater the chances that I will be able to assist with your research.   However 'better' does not imply 'more' so please be as concise as possible.   Please also note that such reports are based on sources to hand and not on directed research at, for example, Kew. 


For any research of this nature, I provide a costed search plan with defined limits.  It is not cheap but there are no hidden charges and I do not exceed the estimate without your prior consent.

Customized database reports may be possible, depending on time constraints, my limited programming skills, and the amount of data involved. 


To place an order, all you need to do is confirm your acceptance of the estimate, and forward payment - see below.  Please note that the placing of an order is taken as acceptance of the specified conditions


I regret I cannot justify currently the cost of a credit card shopping facility, so please excuse these rather tedious procedures.   Payment by sterling cheque, banker's order or postal order please, payable to 'CH Donnithorne'.  I will forward the information once the funds are cleared.

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