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If you are unclear about the cost of standard reports, or would appreciate confirmation of costs, or have non-standard requirements, please use the 'estimate' button.  I will then provide an estimate and tell you how to place the order.  For non-standard reports, the better the information you provide, the greater the chances that I will be able to assist with your research.  However 'better' does not imply 'more' so please be as concise as possible.


For standard reports, the cost is fixed depending on the quantity of data provided.  If you wish to place an order without further confirmation, it is quicker and can be cheaper.  The cost of a credit card shopping facility cannot be justified at present, so please excuse these rather tedious procedures.   Payment, by sterling cheque, banker's order or postal order made payable to 'CH Donnithorne', should be forwarded by mail to:

CH Donnithorne

c/o Royal Naval Museum Library

HM Naval Base (PP66), 

Portsmouth,  PO1  3NH


Please specify very clearly exactly what information you are seeking, and make sure I have your contact address.  In return, I will forward the appropriate reports once the funds are cleared. 

Before ordering, please note that the placing of an order is taken as acceptance of the specified conditions 

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