Naval Biographical Database



The Royal Navy has always depended on its people but, lacking any comprehensive listing, little is known of the estimated five million individuals involved since the Civil War.  It will not be possible to recover details of every man or woman but, for the vast majority, it should be possible to recreate something of interest.

Starting from small beginnings to safeguard 'at risk' data,  the aim is to establish accurate biographical information on those individuals who have served, or supported the Royal Navy since 1660.  This is a monumental undertaking.  Making use of a powerful relational database, data entry was started in the 1990s and the project is making steady progress.

Apart from people, the necessity to identify ships with some certainty has produced a complete ship listing, with some ‘milestones', from 1660 to mid 19th Century, including a number of vessels previously unrecorded in the standard references. 

This project has been privately developed and funded from inception, and although still at the 'acorn' stage, the current state of the database reflects the expenditure of many thousands of hours and pounds.   There is free access to the lists of people and ships but, to ensure future continuity, there is a charge for more detailed information in an attempt to make the project self-supporting.

Grateful thanks are due to the National Museum of the Royal Navy (Portsmouth) (and the library in particular) for their support but it should be stressed that no formal ties exist with that organisation, this being an entirely private initiative. 

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