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Many Yard Officers are now included but, because of the nature of the records, not all Dockyards have been covered.


Approximate coverage to date

Individual appointments &c.

Flag Officers

1660 - 1870 (*)

Command (Captains of ships)

1660 - 1814


1660 - 1688, 1695 - 1763

Warrant Officers

1695 - 1763

Yard Officers


1695 - 1763, [1660-c.1820(*)]


Place 'Milestones'


1660 - 1845

(*) denotes non-continuous)

Where possible or practical the guiding principle is to collect data by source, taking all the information from one before moving on to the next.  This has significant advantages but there are anomalies - for example, some ‘Sea' officers subsequently became ‘Yard' officers and some sources have a mixture of ranks/rates and types of officers.  Equally, ‘strays' are entered as found.  In general terms, progress is being controlled by careful selection of the sources.  The completeness or otherwise of an individual's career is totally dependant on the sources entered to date.

For Commission Officers, seniority as a Lieutenant of not later than 31 December 1815 is in use as the current cut-off point.

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