Naval Biographical Database



The placing of an order will be taken as acceptance of these conditions:

There is no claim of completeness, the information supplied being that entered in the database on the date interrogated.   It is not cost-effective to constantly update the search facility on this site.  When requested, estimates for standard reports will be provided on the basis of the number of hits actually held on the 'live' database at the time.  If standard reports are ordered without asking for an estimate in advance, I will provide any additional entries held on the 'live' database free of charge. 

There is no claim to total accuracy.  To the best of my knowledge, the information supplied is accurate but, particularly regarding some people and smaller ships, even the primary sources are sometimes conflicting, ambiguous or demonstrably wrong - and there is always the possibility of entry errors.  To avoid fragmentation of entries, and where it has appeared safe and reasonable so to do, I have tied together events involving an individual of the same name  - and separated others where the primary sources conflict or are clearly in error - but there is no guarantee that I am infallible in this matter.   I would be grateful for notification of any errors but regret that I am  not able to enter into any protracted correspondence.

I assert my copyright and any other intellectual property rights over the NBD, the associated web-pages, and information supplied; and the NBD should to be acknowledged as the source of any material subsequently published commercially. 

I do request payment in advance for all reports.   Information will be provided once the funds are cleared.   For longer non-standard reports, no research will be undertaken without a deposit.  I also ask for all payments in sterling (by cheque, bankers draft or postal order) as I regret I am unable to accept credit cards at this stage.

I am continuing to collect data, and I am quite prepared to make some reduction in charges for information I am unlikely to encounter in the primary sources.  The acceptance of such material and/or any corresponding ‘rebate' is entirely at my discretion.

The provision of this service is undertaken to defray costs and help researchers, with a proportion of any balance being gifted to the Royal Naval Museum Library(which may be taken to include deserving documents or photographs or that part of the Admiralty Library co-located with the Museum Library).  Queries will be answered as promptly as possible, within the constraints of maintaining data input.  If the load is too heavy there will be inevitable delays - please be patient.   

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